What does a Chiropractor Do?

5 pillars of health

Chiropractic services are considered an alternative therapy. Chiropractors examine the biomechanics, structure and function of the spine then make a proper diagnosis. Then they come up with a treatment plan to match your needs, and then teach preventative care to prevent further injuries. Ken Andersen chiropractic approach -> chiropractic adjustment, restoration of structural integrity, and finally improvement of health. Chiropractors work closely with other therapist performing manual therapy, including; massage therapy, osteopathy, physical therapy, and sports medicine. Common patient treatments include spinal manipulation, and other soft tissues and joint manipulations. They may request you perform rehabilitative exercises to compliment your treatment. They are likely to use electrical stimulation to loosen the soft tissues. They use massage therapy many times to help loosen the patient up before the manual manipulations can occur.





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